Fresh from the Orchard

Pure Ohio apple cider pressed locally at our family-owned farms.

Ohio Apple Cider Jugs
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The Ohio Cider Company produces Ohio apple cider from the freshest local apples. Our independent farmers in the Great Lakes region have spent generations growing customers’ favorite apple varieties that are perfect for crisp, sweet apple ciders.

Our farmers follow a settling process to remove the natural sediment from the pressed cider before bottling. This refining step produces the clearest, high-quality cider for customers to enjoy.

Our farms repurpose the apple pulp as natural fertilizer to reduce their waste byproducts and extend the apples’
useful life far beyond delicious apple cider.

Hand Picked Favorites

Ohio cider apples are picked during their peak harvest times and pressed fresh
from our farmers’ orchards. The Ohio Cider Company cider is available seasonally from September through April.
Popular seasonal flavors are offered for a limited time, while supplies last.

Watch how Ohio cider is made in this Facebook video from Our Ohio.

Retailer Info

We sell our cider to retailers and wholesalers as The Ohio Cider Company. From independent markets to 
big box stores, we can stock your shelves with fresh-pressed cider.

Look for the Ohio Cider Company label at your local Walmart.


Pack Sizes

We offer convenient packaging and custom labels for your retail needs. Choose from gallons of cider (4-packs), half gallons (9-packs) or 20 oz. sports bottles (24-packs).


Food Safety

Food safety is our #1 priority. Our farms are Primus certified to ensure that products are safe for consumers. Visit our Food Safety page for more information.


Private Labeling

We can place your brand on our ciders. We work with retail chains and independent markets to customize labels and increase brand visibility in your coolers.


Nutritional Value

The sweet, crisp taste of our ciders is all thanks to the apples! Our cider is pressed from only the highest quality whole apples and never from juice concentrate.

What’s In Season

Follow our seasonal calendar for the freshest market produce available from our farms.

Get in Touch

Do you have questions about retail partnerships,
membership and more? Reach out to our team.