Freshness is in season

Local vegetables and summer go hand in hand, whether you
buy them at the farmer’s market or the grocery store.


Sliced into salads, grilled on a barbecue or enjoyed as a snack: Summer vegetables just taste different. Whether you like green beans, sweet corn, melons, cucumbers or fresh, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes, summer is the season for veggies. Find what you love on our harvest schedule.

Freshness is in season



Are you a retailer or wholesaler? We’ve got you covered. Fresh Forward can package your fresh, hand-picked vegetables conveniently – custom-tailored to your retail needs.


Food Safety

Food safety is our #1 priority. Our farms are Primus certified to ensure that products are safe for consumers. Visit our Food Safety page for more information.



Local fresh market vegetables taste better and last longer.

What’s In Season

Follow our seasonal calendar for the freshest market produce available from our farms.

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