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Support local farms. Reap the benefits of fresh market produce.

When you source from Fresh Forward farms, you support hard-working families, impact the local economy and make a difference in your own life with fresher, high-quality produce.

Fresh Takes on Buying Local



Local fresh market produce tastes better and lasts longer.



Local farm-to-retail relationships lead to less travel time and lower emissions.


Local Economy

Support for local farms keeps financial stability within your own community.


Community Impact

Strong community ties foster a more vibrant life on the local and regional level.

What’s In Season

Follow our seasonal calendar for the freshest market produce available from our farms.


Juicy, crisp and always fresh: There’s a uniquely delicious apple variety for everyone’s taste. Find your favorite – in season and beyond – with our harvest schedule.


Sometimes, the taste of something can take you back – or recall times gone by. And if you’ve ever eaten a strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry plucked fresh from the farm, you know what we mean.


The Ohio Cider Company produces cider from the freshest local apples. Our independent farmers in the Great Lakes region have spent generations growing customers’ favorite apple varieties that are...


Fresh Forward’s independent Great Lakes region farmers know how much you love summer, and that’s why we take care to grow the best, juiciest fruit for you and your family.


Sliced into salads, grilled on a barbecue or enjoyed as a snack: Summer vegetables just taste different. Whether you like green beans, sweet corn, melons, cucumbers or fresh, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes,...

Pumpkins and fall décor

The air turns crisp and there’s so much to do. Decorating, baking, trick or treating. Fall is here, and on the farm, that means pumpkins, gourds, squash and more to spice up the season.

Family-First Farms

Our farmers and their families work tirelessly to provide you with fresh market produce. Learn more about what inspires them to continue their family legacy.

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