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Our local farmers harvest fresh, flavorful produce for
retailers and families across the region.

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Rooted in Our Commitment

Fresh Forward is a family farm cooperative that represents independent farmers who grow apples and other fresh market produce across the Great Lakes region. Our mission is simple: Provide the highest-quality fresh market produce to help independent farms and communities thrive.

As stewards of the land, our farmers work year-round to deliver the seasonal produce that people crave and deserve.

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Our Harvest

Enjoy the bright flavors of local produce grown and packed by our farmers.

Food Safety

Our safety protocols allow us to provide you high-quality produce that meets and exceeds global health.

Our Family Farmers

From sunrise to sunset, our members work hard to fulfill your in-season produce needs. Explore the stories that make up their roots, families and passion.


Visit and read about our various initiatives to bring the freshest produce and fruits from our farms directly to your tables.

It’s apple season! Here are some facts about apple pie

September 6, 2022

It’s that time of year! Apple season! We don’t know about you, but we love fall, apples and all the delicious things you can do with them. So, in the spirit of apple season, we are sharing some facts about the humble apple pie. Whether you make your own, or buy one, apple pie is…

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Ludacrisp apples: Fast facts about the latest apple variety

September 6, 2022

You’ve heard of Honeycrisp apples or the popular Evercrisp. Well, it’s time to meet the Ludacrisp apple – the latest variety set to take this fall by storm. The Ludacrisp apple was created by the Midwest Apple Improvement Association. With its juicy and fruity flavor, this apple is sure to be a hit with apple…

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Here are the juicy details on everyone’s favorite summer peaches

July 29, 2022

Every summer, chances are you eat peaches – lots and lots of sweet, juicy summer peaches. This summer fruit is a fan favorite, with its delicate color, fuzzy exterior and sweet taste. Peaches are high in fiber and contain Vitamins A and C. They are healthy but they taste like a treat. If you are…

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The Fresh Forward Annual Meeting: Education, fellowship and the future

July 29, 2022

Recently, the Fresh Forward member growers met for our annual meeting at the Ohio State University Research and Development Orchard. It was a day of education, fellowship and talk about the future, with our board members (Allen Grobe of Grobe Fruit Farm; Joe Burnham IV of Burnham Orchards; Dano Simmons of Peach Valley Orchard; Lester…

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Summer tomatoes: Here are some varieties you should look for at the farm stand

July 1, 2022

Ah, summer tomatoes. It’s easy to forget how delicious a tomato is, freshly picked at the peak time – sliced and salted. Summer tomatoes are really one of those foods that you cannot get enough of when they are in season, but this year, try branching out from the typical red, round tomatoes – usually…

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FFAFresh Forward Farms partners with the Ohio FFA (Future Farmers of America) each year by supplying fresh local fruit from our farms. FFA Advisors work with our sales team in the fall for their December fruit fundraiser. Once the order is placed, our farms harvest, pack, and deliver the fruit directly to the school!

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