apple season

After watching them blossom, pollinate and grow all season, it’s finally time to pick these crisp, sweet and juicy fruits that help us usher in the fall. It’s apple season!

Apple season is our favorite time of year here at Fresh Forward Farms. We have waited for months to pick this healthy and wonderful fruit so we can share it with you and your family. Apples and family fun go hand in hand during the fall, with so many ways to enjoy this season and this fruit.

So, whether you are a fan of fall and apple season or you need a little convincing, here are some ways your family can enjoy autumn, apples and an altogether great time.

Apple picking

Everyone loves to load up in the hay wagon and bump, bump, bump along to the orchard where you can pick your own delicious apples. It’s a family tradition for many, with multiple generations getting together to have fun and pick some apples. Orchards in the fall are truly wonderful places to make memories – and take some gorgeous photos! – so we encourage you to seek out an orchard near you and make a date to go apple picking.


If there is a better smell than a fresh apple pie baking in an oven on a crisp fall day, we don’t know what it is. Baking with apples during the fall is one of those things that everyone should do – and then share in the deliciousness with family and friends. Whether you like apple pie, apple strudel, apple fritters, apple crisp or just good old fashioned homemade applesauce, apple season is a wonderful time to enjoy these flavors.


There are many different ways you can use apples in your fall craft projects: Making shrunken heads, apple prints, drawing a gorgeous apple as a still life….the possibilities are endless. Your children will also enjoy getting hands-on with apples – doing something other than eating them (although if you want to snack on one while crafting, we don’t blame you!).

We love apple season and most of all, we love sharing that love with you. Do you have a family-friendly apple idea for this season? Share it with us!

Fresh Forward

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