organically grown

Picture this: You are standing at the grocery store with two peaches in your hand. One is organically grown and the other is conventionally grown.

Which one is better? Are they both healthy? What is the right choice?

Choosing organically grown vs. conventionally grown produce is a personal decision and really, there is no “right” or “wrong” choice. There are many factors to consider when choosing what fruits and veggies you buy for your family.

So, what is organically grown food? Generally, it is the method by which the food was grown (or in the case of livestock and dairy), raised. It simply means that the food was grown or produced without chemicals, antibiotics, hormones or certain pesticides.

Here are four things you should know about organic vs. conventionally grown produce.


All things considered, organic fruits and vegetables generally cost more than conventionally grown produce. The reason is, it usually costs more to grow organic food because natural fertilizers cost more money and other pest-control measures can be costly. Also, it isn’t always possible to get the same volume of crops, so organic farmers charge more.


Organic farmers do use pesticides, but they are limited to the kinds they can apply and how much can be used. There is some research to show that organic fruits and vegetables have lower amounts of pesticide residue than conventionally grown produce, but there is also research that shows if you wash, peel or cook your food, you can eliminate these chemicals.

Nutritional value

This is the one that is up for debate. There are some studies that seem to indicate that organic food might have higher vitamin content or nutrients than conventionally grown, but there are also studies that show there is not a significant benefit to eating organic foods.

The environmental impact

Organic farming seems to have a slight advantage in terms of environmental impact. Fewer chemicals and pesticides are used and some farmers are committed to improving soil quality. It also helps keep groundwater clean.

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