Fresh Forward farmers

If you’ve recently bitten into a crispy, juicy fresh apple that was locally grown, you might wonder: How can this be? It’s possible: Thanks to our Fresh Forward farmers.

How it happens isn’t a mystery: It’s the result of a new variety of apple, some planning and an innovative storage system that keeps our apples fresher – and for a longer time.

Let’s talk about the apple first. The EverCrisp® apple is a relatively new variety of apple that is harvested late in the season. It has a longer shelf life to begin with, while not sacrificing its delicious taste or satisfying crunch. Sweet and juicy, the EverCrisp® is a mix of the Fuji and Honeycrisp apple.

We love apple season as much as you do, so knowing we can have these fresh, delicious EverCrisp® apples all winter makes us happy!

The apple, though, isn’t the entire story. To keep the EverCrisp® at peak freshness and taste for you to enjoy, our Fresh Forward farmers have a secret weapon. The Controlled Atmosphere (or CA) room.

These CA rooms are what make it possible for you to eat a fresh apple in February that was probably picked in October or November. How? Science!

In a CA room, the environment is strictly controlled to keep the apples fresh: The room’s temperature, oxygen levels and other aspects are monitored and adjusted. Its more than just keeping the apples cold, like in a cooler or refrigerator.

CA has been used to keep apples fresh longer for decades. In fact, most apples you eat out of season have likely been stored in a CA room – which means you can bite into a farm fresh apple anytime you like.

Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward, feeding families is our passion. We work with local farmers to get the best, and freshest, produce on your family’s table. Ask your favorite grocery store, farm stand or produce market to carry Fresh Forward products.

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