Spring is just around the corner – like really! It’ll officially be spring next week. Here’s what our Fresh Forward farmers are up to, getting ready to start the busy planting season.

Even though many people think our Fresh Forward farmers have the winter off, the truth is, there really isn’t much downtime.

But spring is when work really starts to pick up for the Fresh Forward farmers, whether they grow apples, peaches, tomatoes or any delicious fruit or vegetable!

So, as spring gets ready to usher Old Man Winter out the door, here’s what’s happening on the farm.

Soil preparation

If our Fresh Forward farmers grow crops like green beans, tomatoes or more, they spend time in the spring preparing the soil. That means tilling, turning, taking samples to check the pH and nutrient levels and more. Good soil is the key to top-quality produce.

Picking plants

After the soil is ready, our Fresh Forward farmers decide what the plant. They’ll check out what each crop will bring in financially and then get the necessary seeds. Generally, this is the time when farmers also look at fertilizers, pest control and other measures to ensure a good harvest.

Last minute equipment checks

During the winter, many farmers do equipment maintenance and repair, but it’s always a good idea to make sure all agricultural equipment is working and ready to go, as once the season starts, there won’t be any downtime.

Weather and planning

While no one can control the weather, many farmers use the spring to check out weather forecasts and long-range predictions to make sure they are planting at the best possible time.

Fresh Forward

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