Fresh Forward Farms

At Fresh Forward Farms, we are always looking for ways to help our member growers gain more knowledge and training. One of the things we are doing this year to further that mission is sponsoring International Produce Training in-person classes.

International Produce Training (or IPT) is a program to help our member growers learn how to inspect their products, quality and condition defects, and PACA standards. 

Fresh Forward Farms sponsored the training program in early March 2021.

“By sponsoring this program, we are providing a real and valuable service to our member growers,” said Alex Buck of Fresh Forward Farms. “This training has real-world applications that participants can take back to their orchards and get value from in the months to come.”

In the program our member growers had a chance to learn more about fresh produce inspection procedures – including the most up-to-date USDA practices and techniques.

The most recent defect scoring guidelines were also discussed. Our member growers were trained on apples.

These training programs are great for all levels: From the novice or first-timer, to the seasoned pro looking for a refresher class.

At the end of the training, our member growers successfully passed the end-of-class assessment with flying colors and received a certificate.

 Fresh Forward has a commitment to ongoing training and food safety, so the families who buy and enjoy our fruits and vegetables can rest assured of getting the highest quality — and freshest — produce.

Fresh Forward Farms

At Fresh Forward, feeding families is our passion. We work with local farmers to get the best, and freshest, produce on your family’s table. Ask your favorite grocery store, farm stand or produce market to carry Fresh Forward products.

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