National Apple Month

At Fresh Forward Farms, apples are really something special, so in October, we love to celebrate National Apple Month.

And there’s no better way to celebrate it than by giving you the scoop on our favorite apple varieties, so you’ll be able to try one (or more!) a week this month with your family.

Apples are one of those foods that evoke a feeling or a memory: We all have an apple story, right? This juicy, crisp fruit is versatile, fresh and always delicious and there is really a variety for everyone.

So, as you taste your way through National Apple Month, here are some of our favorites to try.


Evercrisp apples are sweet, juicy and firm. They are a great apple to snack on, send in a lunch box, or cut up for a salad.


Rome apples are good for making applesauce, baking or whipping up a pie. They are mildly tart and firm.


Fuji apples are super sweet, wildly juicy and extremely crisp. They are fantastic as a snack – your kids will love them.

Ida Red

The Ida Red apple is tart and yet sweet, juicy and firm. It is good for eating and it’s also good to freeze!

Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples are mild and juicy, with a little depth of flavor and tartness. They are good to eat out of hand.


The Jonagold apple is sweet like honey and has a hint of tartness. It’s a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan apple. Eat it, bake with it or freeze it.

Crimson Crisp

Crimson Crisp apples are just what they say: Crispy, sweet and tart. Bake with them or make applesauce!


The McIntosh apple is sweet and juicy with a little tart tang. Eat them or make salads or pies.


The popular Honeycrisp is juicy, crisp and sweet – and it is versatile! Eat them out of hand, or bake with them.

Golden Delicious

This yellow apple is mild, with a sweet flavor. Eat it or bake with it.


Your picky eaters will love Gala apples because they are so sweet.


This sweet, tart apple is perfect for eating.

Jersey Mac

The Jersey Mac is sweet and tart, and it’s also juicy. You can eat it or bake with it!

Looking for our apples? They are sold in many places, from farmers’ markets to big box stores. Our apples can also be found in schools, so your children might enjoy a healthy snack to munch on at lunch. Our hand-picked Fresh Forward apples can be found wherever you shop or dine.

Fresh Forward

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