produce storage tips

Keeping your refrigerator stocked with healthy fresh fruits and vegetables is no easy task, but there are some produce storage tips that might make it easier.

After all, fresh veggies and fruit is expensive, and you want to keep it around until it all gets eaten.

So, if you are tired of throwing away food, here are some produce storage tips.

Keep it dry

One of the worst things you can do when you bring home fresh produce is to not dry it off. Some humidity is good for fruits and veggies, but if there is water on it, that can lead to mold. And if you wash your produce before you put it away (never a bad idea) make sure you thoroughly dry it.

Bag it – or box it

Keeping your produce in a bag or a special storage bin can really help keep things fresh and ready to eat. If don’t like plastic bags, invest in some reusable containers to do the job for you.

Keep ‘em separated

Not all produce should be stored together. Some things like apples or potatoes or bananas can emit a gas that makes other fruits and veggies ripen faster so you should keep those things separate (unless you want things to ripen faster, of course!).

Know what needs the fridge, the counter and the freezer

Some things you don’t want to refrigerate (or freeze), like avocados and tomatoes. And sometimes, you can toss things in the freezer (berries are great for this) and eat when you are ready.

Rotate for readiness

It also pays to keep an eye on what you have, how ripe it is and then eat accordingly. Things like lettuce and greens need to be eaten quickly, while apples have a longer shelf life if properly stored.

With a little knowledge and planning, these produce storage tips can save you money!

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