eating healthier

If you are committing to a new year of new ways of eating – namely eating healthier – congratulations!

Eating healthier can be a gift you give yourself, in that you will likely feel better and have more energy.

But healthy eating doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing – or mean you can only eat bland rabbit food. In fact, eating healthier can open you and your family up to new, fresh and delicious options.

Here are a few tips to eating healthier.

  1. Eat a fruit or vegetable at each meal: One easy thing you can do is add a fruit or veggie to each meal – or snack. Have some apple slices with lunch or pop some berries in your oatmeal. Eat a nice salad for dinner or roast some carrots as a side dish.
  2. Pass on the pop: While pop is delicious, it really is something you should use as an occasional treat. Limit yourself to drinking something other than pop, like sparkling water or water with a splash of juice in it.
  3. Meal prep: No one wants to spend hours meal prepping on the weekend, but if you really want to set yourself up for success, it’s a great way to stay on track – and avoid high-calorie and high-sodium takeout food. Clean your fruits and veggies, cook a grain and roast some meat or another protein and you are most of the way there. Having some quick snacks like cheese sticks and hard-boiled eggs on hand helps too.
  4. Enlist help: If you are making the switch to healthier eating, it always helps to have a partner. So, ask your spouse or neighbor to commit to a month of healthier choices with you and then keep each other accountable!

By making a few simple changes each month, you’ll be eating a lot healthier by the end of 2022.

Fresh Forward

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