healthy summer snacks

If your kids are like most, they have two stomachs: A school stomach that can go all day on some crackers and maybe a little water or juice and their summer stomach that needs food all day long. So how do you make sure your children eat healthy summer snacks?

Keeping little ones fed and happy on healthy summer snacks isn’t a hard thing to manage – but it does take a little planning.

If you want your kids to have healthy summer snacks to eat all season long, here are some tips.

Stock your pantry

If your children are at the age where they can safely get their own pantry snacks, your job is easy! Create a bin for each kid with healthy summer snacks they can grab and go when hunger hits. Think applesauce pouches, fruit leathers, granola bars, popcorn, meat sticks, and a few fun treats (if that fits in with your family’s plan).

Having things you know they like and will eat on hand can safe a lot of the fighting over snacking.

Stock your refrigerator

Now, if your children are old enough to serve themselves from the refrigerator, that’s definitely a level up!

Make sure you stock the fridge with lean lunch meat, yogurt, fruit and veggies (cut up and enticingly displayed is always welcome!) and some healthy dips like tzatziki sauce, hummus, low-fat ranch and more, cheese sticks and other quick-serve treats will help stave off the hungries.

Prep and plan

When it comes to healthy summer snacks, making a few quick things can save you time in the long run. What kid will turn down a delicious fruit or yogurt popsicle or a muffin bursting with blueberries? Protein bites are also easy and nutritious and a countertop fruit bowl with apples and bananas makes grabbing something healthy easy and fast.

Fresh Forward

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