summer tomatoes

Ah, summer tomatoes. It’s easy to forget how delicious a tomato is, freshly picked at the peak time – sliced and salted.

Summer tomatoes are really one of those foods that you cannot get enough of when they are in season, but this year, try branching out from the typical red, round tomatoes – usually a beefsteak variety – that you normally find.

There are summer tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors and acidity levels – all waiting for you. Here are some of our favorites.

Grape or cherry tomatoes

These small tomatoes are the size of grapes (or cherries), hence the name. Perfect for snacking, they are juicy and sweet – crispy and versatile. Toss them in salads or grill them on a kabob. They are amazing right off the vine, too.

Black Russian

These dark, almost black or purplish tomatoes, are a new favorite. They are meaty and have a very unique flavor. They aren’t acidic and they aren’t too sweet – these tomatoes can star in a salad, sliced up on a sandwich or eaten alone.


Brandywine tomatoes are best served simple and sliced up. They are low acid and bursting with flavor. They can be quite large and juicy – coming in all shades, including yellow, red, pink and black.

Cherokee Purple

This hardy tomato can deal with dry spells and can truly be one of the “ugly tomatoes” that taste amazing but aren’t always the prettiest to look at. Heavy and lush, this tomato is good in sandwiches or even as a star in pasta salad.

Great White

This tomato has an almost fruity flavor, and is yellow and luscious. It’s sweet and juicy and perfect for slicing, with a low acid content.

Which of these summer tomatoes do you hope to sample this season?

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