sustainable farming practices

At Fresh Forward, our growers are committed to sustainable farming practices and we are always looking for ways to do better.

Sustainable farming practices are at the core of our mission, and our growers are constantly working, learning and changing their processes to better serve the environment.

And in recent months, many of our growers are making the switch from wooden bins to plastic bins – and it’s making a real impact.

Now, before you go scratching your head because plastic doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with sustainability, we are going to explain how this change is all about sustainable farming practices.

When people think about plastic and it being harmful for the environment, they are often thinking of single use plastics, like cups, straws and takeout containers. But reusable plastics like the bins our growers are using are not single use. These reusable plastic bins can actually make a big impact.

How so? Here are a few ways these bins are a part of sustainable farming practices:

  1. Wooden or cardboard bins have to come from trees, and cutting down trees isn’t always a great idea. They are also heavy and cause more shipping costs – and more fuel to move them from farm to store. This all adds to the carbon footprint of the agricultural industry.
  2. Plastic harvest bins are reusable and can last years. They can also hold a lot of produce so you don’t need as many of them to go from field to packing house. They can also have features built in to make them better ventilated and don’t cause as much damage to the food inside and they are also collapsible, meaning they are easier to store. This can make a big difference when they are returned to the farm because they take up less space on a truck. Multiple farmers also use the bins, which means less waste. They are also cleaner, and easier to sanitize – which means your food is safer!
  3. Plastic bins also mean less crop loss or damage. And that is great for sustainability, as it means growers can do their work more efficiently and safely. More efficiency means less waste, as well.

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