Fresh Forward farmers

The snow is blanketing the ground and winter’s chill has settled in. But our Fresh Forward famers are still hard at work.

There’s plenty of work for our Fresh Forward Farmers during the winter months, although it is also a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labors, too!

The trees are in their dormant phase, getting ready for the spring and summer, so farmers are doing the things they need to do – while with not as much busyness or urgency as in the harvest season.

So, what does winter look like for our Fresh Forward Farmers? Here’s a snapshot!

In the winter, our farmers are definitely out pruning their trees and making sure they will have a healthy season to come. This can be a big job, as many of our orchards have hundreds or even thousands of trees!

Apple trees especially need careful pruning, as it can really impact the harvest season. Prune too much and you could get a less robust, and subpar crop. But prune too little and you might leave your trees susceptible to pests or damage.

Berry bushes need pruned, as well, and so our farmers are on that task as well.

There is also winter packing, shipping and storage of our apples that we have already picked and need to get in the hands of grocery stores, schools and other markets.

And our farmers are also doing work such as maintaining equipment, attending conferences and other educational pursuits, working on marketing plans for the coming year and other administrative tasks and duties.

The day-to-day work of our Fresh Forward farmers never really ends and before you know it, it’s spring and time for the busy season again!

Fresh Forward

At Fresh Forward, feeding families is our passion. We work with local farmers to get the best, and freshest, produce on your family’s table. Ask your favorite grocery store, farm stand or produce market to carry Fresh Forward products.

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