National Apple Month

It’s National Apple Month! Here is the scoop on our favorite apple varieties!

October 1, 2021

At Fresh Forward Farms, apples are really something special, so in October, we love to celebrate National Apple Month. And there’s no better way to celebrate it than by giving you the scoop on our favorite apple varieties, so you’ll be able to try one (or more!) a week this month with your family. Apples…

apple cider

Apple Cider 101: How this tasty beverage is made!

October 1, 2021

There’s nothing like a fresh, cold cup of delicious apple cider in the fall and maybe you have a favorite orchard where you always go. Apple cider is the perfect fall beverage, but have you ever thought about how it is made? For hundreds of years, the basic process of apple cider making really hasn’t…

apple season

Apples and family fun: This sweet fruit can be the centerpiece of this amazing apple season

August 31, 2021

After watching them blossom, pollinate and grow all season, it’s finally time to pick these crisp, sweet and juicy fruits that help us usher in the fall. It’s apple season! Apple season is our favorite time of year here at Fresh Forward Farms. We have waited for months to pick this healthy and wonderful fruit…

Ohio Cider Company blends

Everything you ever wanted to know about cider – including our own Ohio Cider Company blends

August 31, 2021

There are few things in life that can evoke a memory quite like a cup of apple cider. Whether you like to cold or hot, with donuts or just as a refreshing beverage, cider – especially Ohio Cider Company blends – will take you back to a place in time – every time. Each fall,…

sustainable farming practices

Sustainable Farming Practices: Why our growers are committed to it and are switching from wooden to plastic bins

July 29, 2021

At Fresh Forward, our growers are committed to sustainable farming practices and we are always looking for ways to do better. Sustainable farming practices are at the core of our mission, and our growers are constantly working, learning and changing their processes to better serve the environment. And in recent months, many of our growers…


Apples and hayrides and football: Here are 5 things we love about fall!

July 29, 2021

Sadly, summer is winding down but that means fall is coming and we love this time of year! Even though you have to put away your flip-flops and swimsuit, you get to break out your cozy hoodies and drink apple cider. It’s really a win-win. Fall is a great time of year in the Midwest,…

organically grown

Conventionally or organically grown: Four things you should know about the food you eat

July 7, 2021

Picture this: You are standing at the grocery store with two peaches in your hand. One is organically grown and the other is conventionally grown. Which one is better? Are they both healthy? What is the right choice? Choosing organically grown vs. conventionally grown produce is a personal decision and really, there is no “right”…

peach season

It’s peach season! Here’s all you need to know about the quintessential fruit of summer

July 7, 2021

There’s nothing better than a juicy ripe peach in the summer, and that taste is why peach season is a favorite all over the United States. Peach season IS summertime, and the taste of a ripe peach is something most people crave in July and August. So, what is it about peaches that make them…

apple farming

Behind the scenes: Apple farming is more than just watching fruit grow on trees!

May 28, 2021

Apple orchards are beautiful places: In the spring, there are flowering trees, then as the summer progresses, there is growing fruit. And in the fall, the harvest of crisp juicy apples. But apple farming is more than just watching fruit grow on trees! Apple farming is really year-round work, with much to be done in…

Farm Fresh Vegetables

How to get more farm fresh produce in your family during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables month!

May 28, 2021

With the summer’s bounty of farm fresh produce hitting stores and markets, now is a great time to make sure your family is eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. And, since June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, it gives you even more of an incentive to add colorful, delicious farm fresh produce…