Fresh Forward Farms

International Produce Training: What Fresh Forward Farms is doing to help our member growers

March 26, 2021

At Fresh Forward Farms, we are always looking for ways to help our member growers gain more knowledge and training. One of the things we are doing this year to further that mission is sponsoring…

Young Apple Leaders

Young Apple Leaders: We don’t just grow apples; we lobby for better policy programs for farmers

March 12, 2021

When it comes to apples, it’s one thing to grow and sell them. But it’s another thing to try and improve the industry – not only for farmers but consumers as well. Enter: Young Apple Leaders.

Fresh Forward farm partners

Winters off? Not for Fresh Forward Farm Partners!

February 5, 2021

When the growing season ends for farmers, they don’t go off to a beach somewhere and relax. For Fresh Forward’s Farm Partners, there is always work to be done – especially in the winter.

Fresh Forward farmers

Fresh apples in the winter? Our Fresh Forward farmers make it possible!

February 5, 2021

If you’ve recently bitten into a crispy, juicy fresh apple that was locally grown, you might wonder: How can this be? It’s possible: Thanks to our Fresh Forward farmers. How it happens isn’t a mystery: It’s the result of a new variety of apple, some planning and an innovative storage system that keeps our apples…

New Year's resolutions

New Year’s resolutions with Burnham Orchards

January 19, 2021

A new year brings the chance to make changes, plan ahead and reflect with New Year’s resolutions – especially a year like we just had. Joe Burnham of Burnham Orchards is doing just that. Fresh Forward: What changes, if any, are you looking forward to in 2021?  Fresh Forward sat down with Joe Burnham to…

locally grown produce

Farm to Table: How to tell if you are buying locally grown produce

January 19, 2021

There you are, at the grocery store or farmer’s market, perusing the fresh fruits and vegetables and wondering: Is this locally grown produce? Even at a farmer’s market or local produce market, the fruits and vegetables you are buying may not be locally grown produce. After all, not all fruits and veggies can be grown…

Farm Life at MacQueen Orchards

October 9, 2020

A growing farm fueled by family and the community. Around 1936, Hugh MacQueen bought a bushel of apples from one of his only neighbors on a gravel road in Holland, Ohio. That next year, MacQueen Orchards had five acres of trees planted, which has grown to more than 200 acres over the years. Hugh passed…

Six Generations at Grobe Fruit Farm

October 1, 2020

Family history and a love for apples – and pumpkins – run deep. Grobe Fruit Farm started as a dairy and potato farm in 1905 and has grown with each generation. Today, Grobe Fruit Farm is operated by its fifth and sixth generations, including Laurie Grobe and Brooke Grobe, fifth and sixth generations respectively, who…

Planning for the Future at Bachman Sunny Hill Fruit Farm

October 1, 2020

Location and forecasting are distinctions on this family farm. Bachman Sunny Hill Fruit Farm started in Carroll, Ohio with a handful of fruit trees. Gregg Bachman’s great grandmother would take the fruit to town, he assumes as a way to help contribute to the family income at the time. Gregg is the fourth generation, and…